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about cauterized designs

Hey-o my creepy peeps! You have come to the right spot if you A) were looking for HR Designs or B) enjoy the darker, creepy, funny side of life like I do. First off, thank you for visiting my site, supporting my art and more importantly for just being yourself.


I received my BFA in graphic design from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point in the spring of 2017. Not long after graduating I moved to Madison, WI and have been here ever since. Over the years I have done some freelance design work, but it wasn’t until spring 2019 when I truly began pursuing my digital illustration work.


One of the prominent themes in my work is the idea of duality. My design work can be very minimal but if you look deeper you will find another layer of meaning and knowledge. My illustrations have allowed me to explore my spookier side but still toy with the idea of having hidden meaning. I believe that my work should speak for itself so I enjoy adding knowledge and meaning that will be uncovered by those who search for it.


Currently I am based in Madison, WI and if you pay attention to craft markets you might just catch a rare glimpse of me outside my house. It doesn't happen often so beware! If you have any questions or see a design of mine you would love to have please feel free to reach out and send an email!


If you have any questions feel free to email me!

Thanks! Message sent.