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Urbane Men's Grooming and Shaving Kit

Urbane Men’s Grooming & Shaving Kit is a hygiene product based off of the K. Chilla building in
downtown Stevens Point, Wisconsin. The building was the social spot of the town: town meetings were
held at this building, plays were conducted, along with other social events.


I continued the social theme by making a shaving and grooming kit marketed towards upper middle class men that have social events to go to. These men want to take care of their appearance and keep a polished look. I also continued the historical feel by including old fashioned shaving tools (butterfly razor, shave
brush, shave bowl).


When researching the building I noticed it had a symmetrical layout. I continued the symmetrical layout
into the box I made. One aspect of this challenge I really enjoyed was being able to craft the box myself.
I enjoyed learning about how to create inserts so the items won’t get jumbled when you tip the box.

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