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Crescent City Brewing Company

Based out of New Orleans, Louisiana, Crescent City Brewing Company creates craft beers and liquors
that are as rich as the culture of the city itself. Crescent City takes the history of the city and combines it
with a touch of steampunk. When New Orleans began growing as a city it grew in the shape of a crescent, hence the name Crescent City Brewing Company.  


Bone Orchard is a Victorian-Steampunk term for cemetery and is representative of the culture associated with them in the city. The chocolate oatmeal stout uses a darker color palette to reference this culture and the dark quality of the stout itself.


Drum is another steampunk term meaning wealthy and the French Drum IPA is created in homage to the French Quarters. Lighter colors are used is association with the lighter quality of the beer but also to try
and emulate the wealth of that sector.


Who-Hit-John is another steampunk term meaning liquor or spirits and was only fitting for a vintage moonshine. Our Who-Hit-John Moonshine is not representative of a particular culture of the city but
merely the history and the age behind the city itself. At Crescent City Brewing we value the history and diversity of our city and we're honored to share it with you.

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