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Pate de Verre

Pate de verre when translated literally means glass paste. It is a form of glass kiln casting where finely crushed glass is mixed with a binding material. This mixture can then be pressed into plaster molds and
fired in the kiln. 


I first learned the pate de verre during my undergrad career and thoroughly enjoyed it. I found that by having extremely thin layers of glass holes were created during the firing process. I was enraptured by this effect and continued to experiment with it. 


The different series of vessels I created experimented with the layering of glass and the effects it had.
Thicker layers created more vibrant colors while thinner layers were more translucent. Areas that were the thinnest when fired slid down the mold when fired and created pockets in the vessel walls. 


I was mesmerized by the control I thought I had, but ultimately didn’t. The idea of thinking I know what
will happen and then having slightly different or even “unexpected” results has always been a favorite part
of my creative process. It was amazing being able to translate this part of my process into more physical means than other mediums allow me to do.

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