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High Noon

Are you ready to dive into the American west? Do you know your history or want to learn more of it? If so, then High Noon is the game for you! It's recommended for two to eight players aged fourteen and older, but everyone is welcome to watch and join in.


Each player is given twenty tokens and seven cards that have various events that occurred as America expanded its border west. A card from the deck is placed face up and players must place their cards in chronological order relative to other cards on the table. Each card put correctly in the timeline earns that player the right to remove one of their tokens. Cards placed incorrectly are put in a discard pile and a new card is added to their hand. The first player to remove all their tokens wins.


High Noon is a game based off the principle of manifest destiny which was most prominent during the 1800s as America spread from coast to coast. The tokens are representative of the diminishing population of Native Americans the further west the nation expanded. Many tribes were forcibly removed or killed during this time period but many believed it was "God's will" for America to span from coast to coast.

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