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working of the wood (aka woodworking)

An aspiration is a strong desire, longing or ambition. During the spring semester of my sophomore year at college I took a reductive sculpture class with Professor Bill McKee. The main material we used was wood and I fell in love. We learned how to use tools, to carve, to create form from shape, and how to use the lathe.

Since taking this class an aspiration of mine has been to obtain my own tools and improve my woodworking skills. I love the idea of using a material that has such a history and life all of its own. Repurposing this age into something people can use in their everyday lives is something I enjoy doing. I don't believe in throwing something away because it is "old" and I instead try to find it a new purpose and continue its life. 

Here are a few things I have given new life to! Thanks and enjoy!

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