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SCULPT (Student Organization)

SCULPT is a student organization at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point that focuses on sculptural work. For the past four years I have been elected as the graphic coordinator. I have been in charge of creating all the promotional and marketing material that the organization needs created.


As graphic coordinator the main portion of my job includes making posters for the many visiting
artists the organization brings in. I collect images of the artist’s work and the dates of their visits, lectures, and demonstrations so that it can all be organized on the poster. Often I am given tight deadlines and projects need to be quickly turned out.


The main fundraiser the organization has held for the past few years has been a glass pumpkin sale held in October. Students make the pumpkins during the summer and not to interfere with semester projects. Once the pumpkins have finished annealing the students clean the pumpkins, remove any sharp edges and price the pumpkins so they are ready for the sale. 

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