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Strong, Hale & Hearty (or Shh.. for short) believes in the power of knowledge. It is our goal to educate people about internal condoms so there is less of a stigma associated with the product. Every woman should know her options when it comes to her sexual health and Shh.. Internal Condoms is here to help educate.


In order to try and target more women we created three different varieties of internal condoms, each
aimed at a different target audience. While the packaging itself does not look that different, where each pack is distributed from is the key difference. Campus health centers, Planned Parenthoods, and gynecologist offices would be the distribution centers for the different target audiences. 


Strong, Hale & Hearty wants to help inform people and so each box has a QR code that gives access
to different tips. From a list of campus activities to interview and resume tips to daily health ideas, Shh.. Internal Condoms aims to educate our audience, in both daily life and in their sex life because every
woman deserves to know her options.

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